Soumada Custard with Fig preserve – Northen Aegean Cuisine (Mediterranean Food )


Soumada Custard with Fig preserve – Northen Aegean Cuisine (Mediterranean Food) Video bu yolenis.


Lunchbox Series – Day Two – Mediterranean Salad with Creamy Garlic Cilantro Parsley Dressing

Roz Ka Khana


It’s been quite a busy few days so pardon the delays in the “daily posts”. For one I have restarted the 1-green-smoothie-a- day series again. This time for 21 days. I figured it’s February and probably a month where the zeal of New Year resolutions just starts to wane so why not try to keep the momentum alive. I have been smoothie-ing for the past year and a half and cannot tell you how beneficial it has been for me. There have been quite some requests to share the daily recipes so I just started to post them here and on the Facebook page, in case you’re interested in following along.

So get your green smoothie to start your day and continue to nourish with these protein packed lunches.

Day Two comprised of a Mediterranean Salad inspired from this popular salad chain in Singapore called Salad Stop. The perfect combination of carbs, protein, greens…

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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup: A Mediterranean Take on an American Classic

The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato SoupFor the past several weeks now I’ve been traveling around the world showcasing some incredibly tasty—and spicy!—cuisine, from Vietnam to the Middle East, Thailand to Mexico. Today I’m returning to a dish that is more familiar to most. It’s a Mediterranean take on a classic American favorite, cream of tomato soup. It has many fewer ingredients and steps than recipes I’ve recently created, which is important because not everyone is interested in chopping tons of vegetables and searching the stores for exotic spices.

And I feel exactly that way sometimes, too.

Enter today’s soul-warming soup. It’s the perfect dish to bring us closer to traditional home comforts and ideal for simple weekday meals. You just need a few familiar veggies and common items you’ve likely got hanging around your home and you’re twenty-five minutes away from a creamy, rich, gorgeously-hued soup appearing on your supper table.

So, so…

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Arroz con pollo (One-Pot Chicken and Rice)

Arroz con pollo (One-Pot Chicken and Rice) Some other Yolenis Mediterranean Recipes

Olives | Mediterranean Diet Recipes & Fitness Barcelona Blog

Cuban Chicken with RiceOkay, so I need to make a slight confession here. Even though I am a Mediterranean Diet evangelist, I found this recipe in a Cuban cook book. One pot cooking is a very popular form of cooking here in the Mediterranean and particularly here in Spain. This type of cooking dates back over 100 years when Sheppard’s stayed with their sheep for weeks on end and the men cooked their own food from the simplest ingredients and with the minimum of kitchen utensils. However as we all know, Cuban cooking is heavily influenced by it’s Spanish roots and that is why I have included it here. It also tastes absolutely amazing and can be prepared with minimum fuss, hence it’s inclusion.

In 1950’s Cuba, when poultry was more expensive than either fish or beef, Arroz con Pollo was the preferred dish for special occasions and Sunday family gatherings. It’s a…

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