Curried Yellow Tomato Chutney

Curried Yellow Tomato Chutney

curried-yellow-tomato-chutneyRarely do I meet a chutney that I do not like. Which is strange, because chutney is basically a pickle and I hate pickles. Hmmm. The exception that proves the rule, perhaps? At any rate, this chutney – this chutney with its adorable, tiny, yellow peach tomatoes, its subtle hint of sweetness, its lightly curried Indian flavors and just enough heat on the finish – this chutney is no exception. It’s simply lovely.

I have to give it up for the authors of The Art of Preserving, a preserving book from Williams-Sonoma, because rarely do I make something with a complex flavor profile like a chutney, make little to no changes to the recipe, and like it just as it is right off the bat. A rare commodity indeed! Although I might take slight exception to the off-hand statement that “Indian cooks” grind and blend their own spices for…

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